Variable Anchor Strap

CMC Rescue

Our Variable Anchor Strap differs significantly in design and performance from other adjustable anchor straps. By using an additional length of web, it can handle a higher load before slipping. It adjusts from 3 ft (91 cm) to 7 ft (213 cm). The D-ring on one end is larger so the other end can pass through, allowing the strap to be rigged in a choker (girth hitch) configuration and still be adjusted. The high strength, quick adjustability and variable length make this strap a jack of all trades. Sewn-on web keeper allows for improved organization when stowed.

Note: We recommend using a Delta Quick Link connector (part #382121) to prevent possible tri-axile loading of a carabiner when used in a basket configuration.

Strength Specifications with Blue Web: 
Basket (U) Configuration: 70 kN (15,736 lbf)
End-to-End Configuration: 27 kN (6,070 lbf)
Choker Configuration: 30 kN (6,744 lbf)

Strength Specifications with Black Web: 
Basket (U) Configuration: 60 kN (13,488 lbf)
End-to-End Configuration: 29 kN (6,519 lbf)
Choker Configuration: 35 kN (7,868 lbf)

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