CMC Rescue

The same as the Tactical Personal Rappel Kit, the Tactical Team Rappel Kit provides rope, harnesses, and hardware for two tactical officers moving in vertical environments, where keeping a low profile is a must. The kit’s storage bag and equipment are black to reduce visibility.

Kit Includes:
#2 Rope Bag - Black Heavy Rescue Organizer™
8 Link (2) Variable Anchor Strap - Black
Tactical Rappel Harness (2) KONG TRAPEZIUM QUICK-LINK
ProTech™ Screw-Lock Carabiners - Black (6) ProTech Manual-Lock Carabiner - Slate
CMC Lifeline - 150 ft of Black 7/16 in Tubular Webbing - 40 ft (2 z 12 ft) of Black
Edge Guard - Large Prusik Cord - 10 ft (2 x 5 ft) of Blue 7 mm


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