River Rescue Z-Rig Kit

CMC Rescue

This package includes the water-compatible components you need for setting up a 3:1 mechanical advantage system for water rescue incidents. ProTech Pulleys help keep the bulk and weight down, and an included Rappel 8 allows for a lowering system as well.

Kit Includes:
Rope Bag - #2 (2) Stuff Bag - Small
Rappel 8 Anchor Plate
ProTech™ Screw-Lock Carabiners - Brite (10) ProTech™ Screw-Lock Carabiner - Orange (1)
PMP Swivel Pulley AZ Bound-Loop Prusik - Short (2)
New England River Rescue Rope - 150 ft Tubular Webbing - 24 ft (2 x 12 ft)
Rescue Runner - Large


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